Welcome to my world, I’m Lyra Miller proprietor of The Guesthouse at Rosecrest Farm and Lil’s Coffee House and all round helpmate for Rosecrest Farm. I love my world and sharing it with friends via The Guesthouse and Lil’s. They in turn have encouraged me to share it more widely via a blog, so here we are!


Our First Six Foals of 2021

Our First Six Foals of 2021

The Derby’s been over for a week and life is still crazy. Unlike last year the Kentucky Derby was run on the first Saturday in May with spectators and they sang “My Old Kentucky Home” YEA!!!! We were cheering for Hot Rod Charlie since we have close ties to some of his connections…and he was being ponied by “Coach” Lava Man. Hot Rod Charlie didn’t win but he ran a good race and was on the board. He seems to be getting better with every race. I wish I had gotten several blogs written since January, but I didn’t and I will attempt to catch up in this blog and one or two more. In summary we delivered 12 babies. 9 fillies and 3 colts. As you can see it was the year for fillies, and as always I believe all of them will be great racehorses. Malibu Gem ’21 by Practical Joke So, back to February 9th, Malibu Gem delivered a beautiful long legged filly by Practical Joke. And, as usual Gem was a few days past her due date and giving us very few signs that foaling was getting close except for being more irritable than usual. As you can see from this photo they both were content to rest before getting up. But once up, she was quick to nurse. The next day we had a severe ice storm that took out our electricity at the foaling barn for about twelve hours. Kentucky Utilities did a great job that day getting electricity on for so many, one of their employees even offered to hold a light... read more

It’s A New Day, A New Year, And New Dreams

Expecting Mamas It’s January 2021, and hopefully a much better year than 2020. I’ve decided to try and put 2020 behind me so I will not conjure up negative memories but look forward to all the positive possibilities and changes in the coming year. Miss Dixie Rose ’19 As many of you know, January 1st is the official birthday for every Thoroughbred. “Happy Birthday!” Here’s Miss Dixie Rose, he didn’t bury his face in cake but instead found a mud puddle to splash in…what mother has not had a little boy do that? Exhausted After Birthday Celebration The weanlings have become yearlings. Yearlings are similar in personality to teenagers! They are feeling independent and giving a glimpse of their personality by the way you see them interacting with their peers and the people working with them. There are times they are very calm and resting as a group like this picture taken on January 1st. I think they were resting after their birthday celebration. And then other times they are acting out the term “horse play”. Horse Play Some days it’s easy to watch their antics for hours, many of our guests have gotten great pictures doing this but now that they’re yearlings they have been moved to the yearling complex on the back farm referred to as Wilshire Farm at Rosecrest. Here they will graze a lot, grow a lot, and play a lot. Later this summer they will start spending time separated in their own paddocks. Their first step of getting their head out of a herd mentally (we hope). Arriving New Destination Then there are the... read more

Tinner’s Storm is a Star

We’ve got some exciting news at the farm! Whether you have been here once or many times we thank you for choosing us as your “go-to” farm when you need a horse fix. You’ve all fed mints to Tinner’s Storm, our resident grandson of Secretariat. We’ve considered him our rock star for the last 15 years and now he has been chosen to be included in the Secretariat’s Living Legends calendar.             Patricia McQueen, a professional photographer, has been a Secretariat fan for many years. She chose to share this passion by producing a calendar that highlights not only Secretariat but also his offspring. Sons and daughters have been her focus but now with only two sons and daughters she has started adding grandchildren. As some of you that like to photograph horses know, they don’t always cooperate. Patricia had gotten some nice shots of Tinner but wanted to try for a few more so I was enlisted to help position him. As you might remember the way to his heart is through mints, the only problem with that was I couldn’t run fast enough while feeding him mints for the shot she wanted. So I got the feed gator and yes he would follow me anywhere. And not only him but his best friend Darby’s Hope. At $25, this calendar would be a great gift for any horse lover and the proceeds help many horses that need a place to live out their lives. To order yours, go to www.secretariatslegacy.com. And they will mail them out. But if you’re local, I will have them for sale at the... read more

Goldencents Son’s Storm Breeders’ Cup 2020

Some of our return guests enjoying the weanlings Where has this year gone? It seems, COVID-19 has had an effect on everyone this year…some businesses have closed, others are struggling to stay open and everywhere you look people are wearing masks, and it’s not even Halloween. I will not dwell on the negative but instead concentrate on the positive. We have guests once again returning to the B&B, return guests have come back and to use their words “Rosecrest Farm is a place they know they can walk around and almost feel normal again”.  Some are staying with us for the first time. It seems many people have been suffering from “COVID-19 seclusion” and are in need of a change of scenery. And guess what…they found it at Rosecrest Farm. The morning starts with a cup of our special bourbon blend coffee that they take to the front porch and watch the beautiful shades of sunrise. Then, after breakfast they are just in time to see the weanlings being turned out of the barn and explode into the pasture, you’d think they heard the call to post and are off like a flash. Once that show is over, there are still plenty of mints for retirees and a few pregnant mamas. Pistol Packin in foal to Sky Mesa Pistol Packin Rose is really fun to watch these days…she’s in foal for the first time and recently has started looking at her belly and wondering what is going on. I could go on and on about our girls but I won’t bore you.  It’s been a beautiful fall with the... read more