Born To Run

Born To Run

I have lots to catch you up on …so I’ll start with the B&B. We have been very busy with many of our regular guests who come every year, but had to take last year off, as 2020 was a year that wasn’t. We’ve also been meeting many new guests that seem to enjoy finding a place to rest, relax, and commune with all the horses on the farm. As guests spend time on the farm, it’s fun to hear their stories about which horse they have identified as their favorite.

Sweet Halory ’21

The last two weeks the guests have had the rare experience of having Chuck doing all farm tours. Recently he had a couple, Tamera and Lyle from Illinois, who also knew a good friend of Chuck’s from years ago. He’s realizing how enjoyable it can be to introduce our guests to Rosecrest Farm, the horses and the resident cats and kittens but also hearing the stories that our guests bring.

Ok… you might be wondering why Chuck is doing the farm tours and my sister, Linda, is in the kitchen every morning preparing breakfast. Well I fell and broke my kneecap, so for the time being I am not able to bend my knee. Hopefully I’ll be able to start rehabilitation soon, many adjectives come to mind to describe how I feel about this situation but I’m trying to stay positive and looking for the silver lining.

So let me get back to the most interesting topic…horses. I’ve already shared our first six foals with you so let me share the rest.

Sweet Halory ’21 by Goldencents, light bay filly born on 3/14 at 2:45 in the afternoon. She was eager to get up and succeeded within 25 minutes. And this Goldencents baby is the first we’ve had on the farm with such flashy color and markings. It will be fun watching her grow up.

Chaybaby ’21

We had to wait two weeks before Chaybaby decided it was time to introduce us to her beautiful filly by West Coast. She was only four days past her due date and started giving the typical signs that foaling would be soon, she delivered at 9:51PM quickly and fortunately easy. Both doing great.

Bellezza Rosso ’21

Then three days later it looked like Bellezza Rosso was going to deliver right on her due date but not wanting to be too predictable, she waited in a very agitated state until just after midnight and delivered a filly by Goldencents. This girl stood within 30 minutes and weighed in at 128lbs…and I think she was thinking my mom has already produced a stakes winner but wait till they see me run.

Penumbra ’21

Then six days later Penumbra was lazily grazing and must have thought “It’s almost time to go into the barn and it’s such a nice day I’ll just have my baby here outside”. So she did and quickly…her water broke at 3:20 and as Chuck watched she laid down and needing no assistance, had her long legged colt by Klimt in five minutes. Both seemed to enjoy the fresh air.

Take Charge Beauty was next. She decided not to wait for her due date but delivered the night before. As many mares, Beauty decided that the late hours of almost midnight was the perfect time to have her baby. She also was trying to see how close we were watching because she gave none of the typical signs of delivery but seemed to say “Hey Autumn are you watching, I’m ready”. Shortly after she delivered a healthy filly by Summer Front. And, as you can see even Jack wanted to see the new baby.

Take Charge Beauty ’21
First Shift ’21

We were now down to our last mare. No matter how long it is before the last delivery it seems like forever. Fortunately it was only 9 days for First Shift to deliver her nice filly by Always Dreaming. This mama usually has very easy deliveries but this filly must have needed some extra maneuvering before delivery because once her water broke she was up and down four times before delivering a broad shouldered filly weighing in at 133lbs.

All the moms and babies are doing great and growing fast. We have two babies that are vying for the hospitality award… Pistol Packin Rose 21 and Penumbra 21. These two see guests and make their way over to greet them and let them pet them for as long as they want.

Tigress and Lily
Lily, Four Socks, Tigress & Jack

While we were in between foalings, our barn cat Charlie,  gave birth to four kittens. I thought we’d be giving at least a couple away but as the weeks went by and Chuck started naming them I knew we had four more barn kitties. They are… Lily, Tigress, Jack, and Four Socks. We have lots of videos of these four but this was an outstanding shot our guest, Shirley, got of Lily and Tigress.


  1. Thanks for the update. What beautiful foals! We still talk about our lovely visit to Rosecrest this past April. We are hoping to schedule another visit in the future! Sorry to hear about your fall! Wishing you a complete and speedy recovery.

  2. Lyra, I’m sorry to hear about your knee! I know you don’t like to sit still. Godspeed on your healing. Chuck is one cool dude! I knew he had it in him! I miss you all!! Give Rose and that beautiful Sky Mesa filly a big hug from me!! My little Jumpin’ Jack Flash too!! I will hopefully see you in August:-)

  3. OMG Lyra! SOO sorry about your kneecap! Hope the healing and the rehab go smoothly. Wonderful post and pictures (moms, babies, and kittens too!). Would love to see them all in person (alas). You must be as relieved as the rest of us to know that Goldencents is home from the hospital and hopefully doing OK. Take care! Sandy

  4. ALWAYS enjoy reading your posts…thanks so much for sharing with us….take care, Lyra, and hope rehab has you healing properly and up and going soon.

    • Like everyone who has commented, I wish you a quick recovery. I love your blog.

  5. Lots of great news here – congrats on all the new, healthy babies and proud mamas – but the main news for me is – doggone it! I’m so sorry about that knee and how it must be limiting your mobility. Heal fast, my friend, so you can get back to your normal activities! Thanks to Chuck for filling in!

  6. Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you’re up and around soon.

  7. So sorry to hear about your kneecap injury! Prayers for a speedy recovery!
    Blessings come with hardships at times!
    ie.—Chuck on tour!

    Thanks for the update!

  8. Lyra, I am so sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you heal fast and are out and about soon! My friend and I had such a lovely mini vacation at your farm in April. We can’t wait to come back next year. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures and updates!

  9. Always love your updates. We visited in 2019 and our time on the farm was a favorite vacation!! Still hoping to comeback again.
    Trust you are up on your feet by now Lyra.

  10. So sorry to hear about your kneecap, praying for successful recovery! Thank you for a wonderful week this past May! Susan and Dave Malone( your Not so typical California guests) and we LOVED staying for a WEEK! Love your peaceful place- a part of heaven! We will be back!

  11. Prayers for swift healing. Congrats on a great foaling season

    • Thanks for your concern, I’m much better and hopefully will get back to normal within a few months. I’ve had to learn patience.


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