Golden History ’15… a handsome colt

Golden History ’15… a handsome colt

This colt is our largest foal so far this year.  He weighed in at 133 lbs and as you can see, he is very handsome.  He’s by Sky Mesa and the first foal out of Golden History.  Side note: Foals are known as their dam’s name plus the year they are born until officially named through The Jockey Club.  So this colt is “Golden History ’15”.

Golden History started thinking about having her foal on Wednesday, but decided to wait until 1:50 am on Friday 13th.

I love you too !

“I love you, too !”

This picture was taken while both mom and baby rested a while after foaling.  After a bit, he started squirming around the stall for about an hour before he stood and shortly after began to nurse.

Foals are so fun to watch, I could spend most of the day at the barn.  They all have their own personality which shows almost immediately… from shy to ready to walk out of the stall with you.  It’s so sweet when they nuzzle Mom’s leg and then start nursing.

The funniest thing they do is try to remember how to lay down, and it another of the cute things foals do.  When they are only days old, once they are standing and they want to rest again, they walk around until they almost fall over because they can’t remember how to fold those long legs to get down.

You just have to see it.   I posted a video of Golden History ’15 on our YouTube channel doing just that.  I hope you check it out.  🙂   Click here  to view the video, and I hope you’ll subscribe to the Rosecrest Farm YouTube channel while you’re there…..


  1. Handsome colt indeed! Congratulations!!!

  2. I just love seeing all the new babies. And I love your descriptions, Lyra!

  3. Another beautiful baby!! So interesting about how they lay back down for the first time. We are so looking forward to our visit in April!! Like a dream come true.

    Stay warm!!

  4. Loved the video and your description was perfect. Poor little thing! I would want to stay at the barn all day, too. How fortunate you are to be around all that.

  5. Such beautiful babies! Can’t wait to see them in April!! Thanks for sharing their first moments, Lyra.


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