Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

The story this week is the weather.  Record snowfall on President’s Day in Paris, KY and by Tuesday morning, we had temps hovering around zero, and below.  We thought that was bad until Tuesday night we had more snow and minus TEN degrees below zero on Wednesday.

We started today (Thursday) with minus six degrees on the thermometer and wind blowing around and drifting snow that had already been plowed, thank you very much — for a windchill of minus 20. We had a predicted high of 5 degrees (no, I didn’t leave a digit off) for today.  The predicted low tonight is minus 20 degrees (that’s actual, not what it feels like with windchill).  The sun is shining, the sky is a gorgeous blue, and it’s beautiful, but OMG enough already.

Guesthouse in snow

The Guesthouse in the snow.

Good thing the current guests at The Guesthouse wanted a relaxing five-day getaway because they are snowbound on the farm.  They came in a day early when they saw the snow forecast for Paris, so they could make sure they got here.  Little did they know that for three days almost everything in Paris and Lexington would be closed!

Horses in the Monday snow, including "Mint Hog" Tinner's Way at far right.

Horses in the Monday snow, including “Mint Hog” Tinner’s Storm at far right.

When they arrived on Sunday, I took them around the farm and introduced them to the horses, pointed out the Mint Hogs (including Tinner’s Storm, grandson of Secretariat) and stopped at the Nursery Barn to see the four babies (only 24 more to foal).

Chuck (my husband) and I watched the weather that night and wondered if the snow was really going to be as severe as they were predicting.  YES it was!  Monday morning, it started snowing about 3 AM, and it snowed all day with a 12-inch accumulation.

Morning chores started with bringing in the yearlings.  With the snow showering down upon them, they were quite frisky and thought running through the snow was much more fun than being led into the barn…needless to say, it took a lot longer than usual!  The mares in the barn overnight went out and thought, “OK, we’ve seen snow before…no big deal”, except for the Florida Girls — they made sure they had their blankets buttoned up.

Miss Diva and the Take Charge Indy colt in Monday's snow.

Baby Diva and the Take Charge Indy colt in Monday’s snow.

The two older babies went out (as you can see in the photo at right and in our new YouTube video that you can Click here to view — and I hope you’ll subscribe to the Rosecrest Farm YouTube channel while you’re there…..), but the two youngest stayed in and bounced around their stalls.  It’s pretty amazing how quickly the babies adapt to the weather, and how the horses truly are happy being outside in the elements.      …Not so much their Human caretakers, though!  (more about that later)

Late Monday night, Penrose decided it was time to have her baby.  She was already three weeks overdue, so she obviously has a strong sense of drama and little consideration for her Humans, but that will be another story.  Click here if you’d like to read that!

Tuesday morning, we had 12 inches of snow on the ground, and it truly looked like a Winter Wonderland.  The guests were able to hike up to the barn to see the new colt and the yearlings entertained them with an impromptu race in the snow.

Looks like a Christmas Card, doesn't it?

Looks like a Christmas Card, doesn’t it?

I delayed the opening of Lil’s Coffee House (my coffee, breakfast and lunch place in Downtown Paris)

We had some shoveling to do before we could open!

We had some shoveling to do before we could open!

on Tuesday by several hours and Chuck spent the day getting all the horses fed and hayed.  As the temps continued to drop, he had to check the waterers hourly to make sure they weren’t frozen…some were, and some were not.

Horses in snowHe did, however, enjoy watching the mares romp through the pastures with snow swirling around them, their manes blowing in the wind…he said it reminded him of a herd of wild mustangs.

Good thing, because Wednesday morning we awoke to another two inches of snow, and more arriving.  (See paragraph one.)




  1. It’s all frozen, excuse the pun, in my memory as lush and green and soft. I never imagined people visiting in the depths of winter and everything covered with snow, but how pretty! Seeing Tinner’s Storm, a living, breathing descendant of Secretariat, was such a thrill to me last spring. I am really enjoying this blog, Lyra.

  2. Great pictures Lyra! What a snow!

  3. It is beautiful!! Can’t say that I envy you though. Stay warm and safe!

  4. Great job on blog wonderful content and presentation.

  5. A beautiful winter wonderland! Great photos…Wish I were there. Stay warm, we are at 2 deg with the sun…horses are out for a while! Not much snow up here…Counting the days to our visit!!!


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