WC Racing truly welcomed a new member to their racing family on Feb. 27 when Maxnmacy delivered a 125 lb colt by Informed.  The most unusual thing about his birth was that HE stood up before his Mom — something you don’t see all that often, so here’s a video for you to enjoy.

What’s most unusual about this young man, whom we’ve dubbed “Max”, is how many ways he is special to his owners, WC Racing.  Let me try to tell his story….

Maxnmacy at the racetrack in 2009.

Maxnmacy at the racetrack in 2009.

In 2009, WC Racing (Glenn Sorgenstein and Josh Kaplan) had an opportunity to buy a two-year-old filly by Monarchos.  They named her “Maxnmacy” for Glenn’s two daughters.  She showed great promise, lots of speed in her works, but two weeks before her first race, she had some heat in her knee, so they gave her time off.

To make a long story short, she came back to the track, ultimately needed surgery on the knee (and rehab at Merv Griffin’s ranch, no less!), was back in training and developed heat in the knee again. We’re up to 2011 by now.  (Josh and Glenn are nothing if not patient, and good to their horses.)

The decision was made to retire her, breed her to California stallion Papa Clem and in 2013, at Glenn’s ranch, she foaled a colt by Papa Clem with Glenn doing the midwife duties!

Informed winning the 2009 San Diego H.-G2 at Delmar....yes, that's him on the outside, and he DID get his nose down in time!

Informed winning the San Diego H.-G2 ….yes, that’s him on the outside, and he DID get his nose down in time!

Meanwhile, WC Racing and partners claimed a horse named INFORMED.  In 2009, he won the Grade 2 San Diego H. at Delmar.  (See photo of happy Winners’ Circle.  Everyone wants to win at Delmar — let alone a Grade 2 stakes race.)  Informed retired to Ridgeley Farm in California, and WC Racing bred Maxnmacy to Informed in 2013 for her second pregnancy.  That produced a filly by Informed in 2014.

They bred her back to Informed, to produce “Max”, whom you’ve already met in the video above.

Meanwhile, WC Racing bought a 2-year-old colt in 2012, named him GOLDENCENTS and he went on to win $3 million, become the only two-time winner of the Breeders’ Cup Dirt Mile (G1), and retired to stud last November at Spendthrift Farm.  Did we mention that Goldencents was born and raised at Rosecrest Farm????? 😀

Glenn has the mixed blessing of leading Goldencents to the van that will take him to the airport....

Glenn has the mixed blessing of leading Goldencents to the van that will take him to the airport….

If you need any further evidence of how Josh and Glenn’s horses are Family, take time to Click here to visit a great blog by Julie June Stewart about Goldencents’ racetrack send-off that included the photo here of Glenn leading Goldencents to the van for his flight to KY.

You do NOT get three guesses as to whom Maxnmacy will be bred in 2015!

Elsewhere on our website we talk about Life After Racing Click here. and “after care” is a huge topic in racing these days.

Here’s a tip of our hat to WC Racing….they’re not only making sure their retired horses have good homes, but they’re supporting their boys and girls in their Second Careers!   (Did we mention that Maxnmacy’s first foal is named Papa Kade and racing for WC Racing????)