Penrose — does she have a sense of drama?  Yes, she does!

As you can see, she is a pretty 5-year-old maiden (carrying her first foal) mare by Lemon Drop Kid out of Tasha’s Delight.  That means she’s a full sister to WILKINSON, who is a multiple graded stakes winner of $464,000.   She’s a sweet girl, one of those polite mares that doesn’t push her way to the feed pans or waterers.  She was “due” to foal Jan 20, 2015.

If you are not familiar with pregnant mares, let me tell you… their personalities and mood swings can change over their gestation period similar to women’s.  BIG diference is that mares carry their foals for  11 months plus another week or so, an average of 340 days.

Welllllllll, Penrose decided that she was not average… she held that baby for 356 days.

Meanwhile she has an owner who was anything but average in his anticipation of “his” first foal.  Thanks to text messaging we can, and do, communicate frequently with our owners. Let me share….

1/13 /2015

Owner:  Hi there!  Plan on visiting your farm and my horses January 26th.  me:  That will be great. Penrose is starting to show a few signs of getting close.  Owner:  Hopefully she foals before I get there.  


Owner:  How is Penrose?  me:  She is good… not looking to be a mama too soon. Owner: Over a week?  me:  She has decided she is not ready.  Maybe before you get here.  Owner:  I hope so ! 


Owner: I’m sorry but I have to cancel.  me:  So sorry to hear that.   Owner:  Me too.


Owner: How is Penrose?  me:  She is good …just not interested in being a mom.


Owner:  Penrose’s due date today… I wonder if tonight is the night!  me: She has not been showing any signs.  Owner:  Dang  me: She and a few other mares have decided to wait till February.  We have only had one foal.  Here’s a pic of Penrose tonight in her stall.  Owner:  Awesome. Thanks !  me:  Is this your first baby?  Owner: Yes! I’m excited.


Owner:  Penrose any closer?  me: A little but doubt that it will be today.  Owner:  Tuesday [that would have been Feb. 3] is my prediction.


Owner Penrose any closer?  me:  No, but we did have a colt 5:30 am. today.


Owner:  How is our girl ?  me: She’s thinking 22 degrees is too cold to have a baby.  Owner: Any closer tho?  me: No she’s not showing signs of having a baby.  Owner:  Thanks.  


Owner:  I heard Penrose is close  me:  She is showing some signs.  Maybe tonight.   Owner: Let me know ASAP !! I’ll be excitedly waiting!  me: ANYtime of the night?   Owner: Yep


me: As you might have guessed, she has not delivered. Will let you know as soon as she does.  Owner: Close?  me: She is a SHE…Haven’t you learned fillies, like women, do it on their time??   Owner: HaHa.  Owner: Still showing signs?  


Owner:  How’s she coming along?  me: Maybe tonight, thought she was going to deliver last night.  Owner: OK great.  Thanks! Anxiously waiting!  me: Will let you know ASAP.  Owner:  Thanks.                                                                                                                           

Penrose watching Golden History foal!

Penrose intently watching as Golden History foals….


me: She watched another mare deliver early this morning.  No change right now.     Owner: Fickle filly.  Owner:  What point do you induce?   me:  Just wait, she’ll know when it’s time.





2/16/2015 at 11:50 PM 

(The very end of the day of the biggest one day of snowfall in Central Kentucky in  17  years….)

Bay colt by Warrior's Reward, out of Penrose....finally!

Bay colt by Warrior’s Reward, out of Penrose….finally!

me: IT’S A COLT !

[Click here  to view a video of his first few moments in this world — and I hope you’ll subscribe to the Rosecrest Farm YouTube channel while you’re there…..).]

Owner:  Awesome!  Please lots more pics, thank you !  


Owner:  How is everyone this morning?  me: I have not been up there yet, they had a good night, will send pics shortly.  Owner:  Has he stood yet?  Owner: Any pics of him standing or running around would be great. Also, I love reading your blog!  me: Thanks, will try to get more to you.  Owner:  Is he standing or walking by himself yet?  Owner: And do you know what he weighs?  me: 110 lbs, he was born at 11:50 pm and standing by 1:00 am.  Sorry the pic must not have sent.


Owner:  How’s he doing?  me: He’s doing good.  Our weather is too cold for him to go out.  There will be several days of extreme temps.


Owner: Great.  Thanks for update.  More videos and pics always appreciated !

As you know from reading our blog post about the winter, this line of work is not always easy.  Click here to read that blog, if you haven’t already.  But it DOES help to know that someone is thoroughly enjoying the events you’re witnessing first hand — and sharing with them!

Yesterday, when just five days old, there was still plenty of snow left for Penrose 15 to enjoy.  Below is a YouTube video of his outing.  The best part is at the end when he’s getting more confident on the white stuff and is kicking up his heels.