Our first foal of 2015 at Rosecrest Farm is a beautiful filly.  She weighed in at 120lbs and is a dark bay with a white star.  Her dam Empire Diva was kind to the foaling team and did not wait until the wee hours of the morning but delivered at 8:00 pm.  Baby Diva is by Scat Daddy and loves all the attention she is getting.  She is owned by WC Racing and is looking forward to meeting them when they come in from California sometime this spring.

As with most foals, she loves to see how high she can jump while being led out to the paddock with mom.  If you have not seen a foal jump, it’s one of the cute things foals do.  It’s not rearing up on their back legs… it’s all four feet go off the ground at the same time.  It may only be about 2 inches off the ground but they think they are quite special when they do it.

The B&B guests were very happy that we had at least one baby for them to see.  The guests checking in tomorrow will have at least two babies to see but that’s another story.  🙂