I sit on the porch and realize we have been blessed with a beautiful morning at Rosecrest Farm.  It’s quiet except for the sound of birds chirping and a few cicadas.  The sun has risen and is casting a beautiful light across the pastures and the temperature is 60′ and there’s very little dew on the grass.   I can’t believe it’s August 2nd.

It’s been a while since my last blog and I’m sorry for not being more attentive to my loyal followers.  The summer has been very busy and, until this past week, very wet.

Many might think our summer is a slow time for breeding farms since we are done foaling and the breeding season is over… Well it’s not !!  The babies are growing and it seems like each week one of the twenty-eight find some way of creating new drama.

The yearlings are being assessed as to which ones are going to be sold at auction and which ones will get to just chill out for the next few months until it’s time for them to be saddle broke and then go into training to learn how to be a racehorse.  A few of the babies think they have it down . . . run fast in a big circle and don’t let any of the others catch you. 😉 

The mares are still being checked to make sure their pregnancies are progressing in a healthy way.  The vet examines them via ultra sound about every 30 days.  Otherwise they spend the days grazing and watching their foals grow.

imageSome moms are more protective than others.  It’s usually the first time moms who are reluctant to let their babies stray too far, whereas the older mares are content to let their foals run around more on their own.  Every now and then you can hear a baby who has lost track of where mom is and whinny once or twice and then you can hear the very deep sound from the mare… it’s not a whinny sound from the mare, but a unique sound that lets her baby know where she is.

The guests who have been to the farm the past month have seen Miss Noble Rose in her stall being very patient.  I told you in my last blog post that she had a bruised cannon bone, but unfortunately it was a fracture.  We fixed it and she is healing and really cannot wait to get out of her stall.  She will have to wait till next year for her first start.

Heading for the airport!

Heading for the airport!

However, Sweet Halory returned to the farm for a few days from Webb Carroll’s Training Center, ready for the track.  She had a brief layover before she flew to California to become a new member of the Doug O’Neill Team.  As some of you might remember we purchased her as a weanling to be a pasture mate for Miss Noble Rose.

Many in Bourbon County knew her granddam “Halory” and her dam “Brushed Halory”.  With this strong family we were fortunate to have WC Racing partner with us to race her.  So… if you have not added her to your virtual stable do it now, she has already had one good breeze and came out of it great.

Impressive ride to CA..

Impressive ride to CA.

Meanwhile, the video of Amy Hess’ segment on The Local Traveler in April about Lil’s Coffee House and Caffe Marco has been posted on YouTube, so you can enjoy below.  Amy is an amazing talent and won TWO regional Emmy’s last weekend.  We are so lucky to have her turn her camera and perspective on us.  <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/U7laX11JC44″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

So as I said at the beginning, it’s Aug 2nd and a beautiful day in Kentucky and looks like a clear if not hot day in New Jersey for American Pharoah making his first start since winning the Triple Crown.  Good Luck Big Boy…. we will be cheering you on to victory in the Haskell.