Let me tell you about our most recent baby at Rosecrest.  If you have been here,  you know that our expecting mares start spending the nights in the barn about 30 days prior to their estimated due date.  At about 8:00 AM, the mares that have been in the barn overnight are turned out for the day.  They are kept in a pasture near the barn so we can keep a close watchful eye on them.

Well, My Elusive Dream was walking the fence line more than usual that morning so Chuck had the guys get her stall ready by 11:00 AM, thinking she was going to have that baby.  But no, she waited, and walked, and came in with the rest of the mares about 4:00 PM.  Needless to say she was tired, because if she was counting steps I’m sure she hit that magical number of 10,000.  She was finally ready later that evening, her water broke at 8:55 PM and  delivered at 9:10 PM.  She delivered a big beautiful colt by Congrats weighing in at 128 lbs.

My Elusive Dream and her newly arrived Congrats colt.

My Elusive Dream and her newly arrived Congrats colt.

As you can see in the photo, Mom loved her baby immediately but was obviously exhausted from the long day.  She was so tired that I think she was hoping her boy would just lay by her for several hours.  Well, it wasn’t several hours but she had time for a power nap that was enough for her to regain the needed energy to stand up with him, so he could nurse.

After a good feeding, his little belly was full and both mom and colt were back down taking another, longer nap.  I think it was the first time I’ve seen a mare so tired after foaling that she was napping before she stood to let her baby nurse.

They both rested and relaxed the rest of the night and by morning he was ready for a big day in this new world, and so was she.