Yonahey, one of the Florida Girls, finally decided to have her baby.  If you read my last blog you might remember that the average gestation period for mares is about 340 days and Penrose had waited 356 days.  Well, Yonahey beat that with waiting 368 days.

Late Sunday night, Yonahey was showing almost no indication that she was thinking about foaling, but lo and behold about 3:30 AM Monday she started pacing her stall…  At 3:45, her water broke and at 3:53 she delivered a bay colt.  Once she decided it was time…she wasted no time!  Her colt is by Old Fashioned and weighed in at 115 lbs.

Like his mom, he was in no hurry to get up. He spent the next two hours squirming around his stall before deciding to see how those long legs worked.

Wow these legs do work !

Wow these legs do work !

With the frigid weather, we had the heater on to warm the area for the baby (remember his mom is one of the Florida Girls).  Besides the single digit temps, we now had ice covering the snow, which made it to dangerous for the babies to get outside.  So for their comfort the heater was used to warm the stall.

Well, this colt decided he REALLY liked the heat.  Every time the heater was angled away from him for one of the other babies, he would stand up, look around and whinney.  And he would stay agitated till the heater was back on him.

This high maintence boy seems to be the only one counting the days till Spring!