Well, it’s been too long ago that I’ve shared life at Rosecrest Farm.  We have been very busy foaling, breeding, receiving fillies off the track to acclimate and breed and going to the races to see our homebreds run.  I’ll start with the last four foals born this year.

Filly by Constitution, out of Flaming Slew, showing off her long legs.

Flaming Slew was one of those very thoughtful mares who delivered at 7:55 PM.  She started giving us signs two days before foaling, but then about 5 PM she let us know it was definitely happening soon.  She easily delivered a 128 lb. filly by Constitution (G1 winner by Tapit).

This big girl started out a little shy, but now is so friendly I think she’d be happy if you just stayed in her stall and rubbed on her all day long.

Colt by Not This Time, out of Malibu Gem.

On April 11, Malibu Gem delivered, only one day after her projected foaling date, a 123 lb. colt by Not This Time (by Giant’s Causeway) at 10:55 PM.  We may have to call him Daddy Longlegs because he has verrrrrrry long legs.  His legs are so long that it took him quite awhile to get them all working together.

You may remember from previous years that Malibu Gem likes to deliver when she thinks no one is watching.  This year, however, she actually gave us a little warning… not much but enough that we knew she had to be watched — although in a way she couldn’t see you.  She’s a sneaky girl and this year was a little possessive as a Mom.

Travieza’s three-quarter sister.

Three days later, Bellezza Rosso delivered a sweet 105 lb. filly by Goldencents.  Bellezza did give a few indications that she was thinking about delivering.  Although she was only three days past due date, she had been pretty miserable for about four or five days.  And, as usual, Bellezza liked being left alone with her little one.  She can pin her ears back and give you one of those looks that needs no translation!  “Cause Mama said so!”

As you may recall, Bellezza is TRAVIEZA’s mama.  Travieza had her sixth career start this afternoon, in the first race at Santa Anita.  She had five starts, one win, three second and one third up until now… on the board every time.  Today was no different.  Travieza took the lead early going a mile on the turf, was collared leaving the turn and fought the entire stretch, finishing second by a half length.  She’s a game one!

Goldencents colt and his mama, Orientatious.

Last, but not least of the Foals of 2018, Orientatious delivered a nice Goldencents colt weighing in at 118 lbs. at 3:30 AM on May 8th.  Orientatious is like clockwork:  foals a week late, starts waxing 24 hours before, waxes heavily the last six hours, water breaks and voila… a baby.  Mama then decided to lay there until her boy got up about 40 minutes later.

So foaling season is over!  Between Cory and Chuck, we got 23 mares back and forth to the breeding sheds.  Fifteen are in foal and we have six left to check.  It’s been a good healthy year.  We pray it continues.

Next I’ll bring you up to date on the racehorses.  I promise!