Thanksgiving is that holiday when most of us spend at least some time thinking about our blessings.  There is a wonderfully long, long list for Chuck and me.

Top of the list is Our Family — even though not everyone could be at the farm this Thanksgiving weekend.  We are blessed with a loving family — immediate and extended.

Thanksgiving 2015:  Our granddaughter with our grandson of Secretariat.

Thanksgiving 2015: Our granddaughter with our grandson of Secretariat.

Next is Rosecrest Farm….we have many furry faces that we own or have the privilege of taking care of.  We thank, too, our clients for choosing us to love and care for your horses.  We are also thankful for our great support staff.  They are how we are able to take such good care of our horses.  And we thank all of our guests who have chosen the Guesthouse to stay while in Central Kentucky, and for sharing your lives with us.

Next there is Lil’s Coffee House, where we are blessed with many “regulars” who are indeed like family, and the many visitors who share their stories with us.   We were especially grateful before Thanksgiving with how busy we were preparing special dishes for our friends’ Thanksgiving dinners.  That is such an important trust.  And after Thanksgiving, we were happy to have many of you choose Lil’s to share a bit of hometown friendliness with your family members on Friday and Saturday.  One of our favorite phrases became, “I’d like you to meet…”

Impromptu family portrait.

Impromptu family portrait.

There are lots of other thanks, naturally, including many events throughout the year I never got time to write about here.  Oh well, there’s always next year!  But I am grateful for my blog and the conversation it has made possible with you, and your feedback.  Blessings are always better when shared.

And I must not forget Sweet Halory…especially when I just yesterday received this video of her first work since her winning career debut (they’re on the rail, she’s on the inside):

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Love thinking about what might be next to come for her!