Some of our return guests enjoying the weanlings

Where has this year gone? It seems, COVID-19 has had an effect on everyone this year…some businesses have closed, others are struggling to stay open and everywhere you look people are wearing masks, and it’s not even Halloween. I will not dwell on the negative but instead concentrate on the positive. We have guests once again returning to the B&B, return guests have come back and to use their words “Rosecrest Farm is a place they know they can walk around and almost feel normal again”.  Some are staying with us for the first time. It seems many people have been suffering from “COVID-19 seclusion” and are in need of a change of scenery. And guess what…they found it at Rosecrest Farm. The morning starts with a cup of our special bourbon blend coffee that they take to the front porch and watch the beautiful shades of sunrise. Then, after breakfast they are just in time to see the weanlings being turned out of the barn and explode into the pasture, you’d think they heard the call to post and are off like a flash. Once that show is over, there are still plenty of mints for retirees and a few pregnant mamas.

Pistol Packin in foal to Sky Mesa

Pistol Packin Rose is really fun to watch these days…she’s in foal for the first time and recently has started looking at her belly and wondering what is going on. I could go on and on about our girls but I won’t bore you.  It’s been a beautiful fall with the trees turning shades of red and gold and a chill to the air reminding us that winter is just around the corner.

But first we get to enjoy November, and the first weekend in November brings us the Breeders’ Cup. The 2020 Breeders’ Cup will be held right here at Keeneland. This is horse racing’s world series, only the best get to race and the winner of each race becomes a champion, as you can imagine that is a title that every owner wants for their horse…and not only owners but also the breeders.

This year is very exciting for us at Rosecrest Farm because as some of you know Rosecrest Farm and Karyn Pirrello are the co-breeders of Goldencents, the only two time Breeders’ Cup Dirt Mile winner in 2013 & 2014. This year Goldencents is the sire of FOUR RUNNERS, two of which were also bred and raised at Rosecrest Farm.

Empire of Gold is entered in the Sprint. He was bred by WC Racing and born on Valentine’s Day 2/14/17. He was a big boy weighing in at 130lbs; he looked like he was 3 weeks old at birth. He also loved getting attention. If he saw you coming near his stall he didn’t shy behind his mama, he rushed right over to see who was there and how long they would be willing to give him attention.  

Then we have Wildman Jack, entered in the Turf Sprint. He also was bred by WC Racing and is still owned by WCR. This boy was born at 10:25pm on 3/21/16. He was a little wobbly the first time he stood up on his long legs but got stronger by the minute. He was so strong he stayed up for a good hour driving his mom crazy. When Glenn saw videos of him, he nicknamed him Golden Longlegs, but officially named him after a friend…Wildman Jack.

The other two Goldencents sons are…By My Standards running in the Classic and Mr. Money running in the Dirt Mile (sound familiar?). Spectators are not allowed to attend, so most will be watching their TV’s to see who the 2020 Breeder’s Cup champions will be. We sure hope Goldencents has a lot to celebrate (I’m sure we could convince Mark to give him some extra mints to celebrate any victories).

Good luck to all participants and we pray for all horses to be safe to run another day.