The last few weeks have presented a wide range of emotions. (Have you noticed that seems to be the norm on a horse farm???)

Three weeks ago, on January 1, 2017, we celebrated about 50 birthdays on the farm.  It was a cold and grey day, which did not make for many good photo opps, but as I went around wishing all “Happy Birthday”, the horses young and old were not deterred by the grey day.  They enjoyed the extra attention they were getting.

The now-yearling colts.  And, yes, that's WILLIE front and center!

The now-yearling colts. And, yes, that’s WILLIE front and center!

I did have what I considered to be some bad news to share with CHARLEY’S HOPE… that her daughter SASSY ROSE had been claimed the day before at Santa Anita, and was no longer part of the Rosecrest Family.  Sassy ran third in the race, almost having to split a deadheat with her former pasturemate PISTOL PACKIN ROSE.  But Sassy got her nose down for third over Pistol Packin Rose.

I told Rose Dela Troienne, dam of Pistol Packin Rose, that her daughter broke well but hung back in 7th place until the stretch when jockey Flavien Prat said she suddenly kicked into a new gear and came running.  Good effort… just a little late.

The granddams of both fillies are also on the farm, so I had to tell them all about the race, too… they all like to be kept informed!

Max n Macy 15 is having nothing to do with any horse trailer that day!

Max n Macy 15 is having nothing to do with any horse trailer that day!

The yearlings turning two-years-old are ready to begin training.  Four of them are going to Webb Carroll in SC.  Actually two shipped a week ago.  Max was supposed to go with them, but decided he was not shipping that day.  Some of you may remember Max n Macy 15 from other blogs.  He has always been of the mindset of doing things HIS way.  If you recall, the night he was born, he didn’t wait for Mom to get up, but he got up first and walked around her in the stall.

So from Day One, he’s been doing it his way.  When he graduated to the Yearling Barn, he decided he didn’t want to walk into his stall.  BUT he would allow you to back him in the stall everyday… no problem!  After about two months, he decided it was his choice and walked straight in.  Sooooo, as I said, Max does it his way.  In this photo you can see him plant his feet, lock his knees and decide to stay at Rosecrest a little longer.  Sorry Webb…. he’ll be there soon!

The first group of foaling mares have been given their stalls and are coming in every night.  Three are due in January.  YONEHAY and EMPIRE DIVA  have had foals, but this will be the first for DIAMOND STILLETOS (don’t you just love that name???). The second group of mares are not due until March and April.  They’ve been enjoying this January’s mild weather outside.

Miss Noble Rose.

Miss Noble Rose.

On a very sad note, STORIDAWN (our 13-year-old mare by Hennessy, out of Dream For a Moment…in foal to Mizzen Mast) passed away last week.  The good thing is that she didn’t suffer, as she died from a ruptured aorta.  That’s the thing about a farm… everything can be going along great, and out of the blue you can be hit by a bad day.  We will miss her very much, and will be watching her last foal (a Mizzen Mast colt who brought $250,000 as a 2-year-old) in Japan.

We also have a newly retired racehorse…MISS NOBLE ROSE, who needs a new career.  So if you know of someone looking for a beautiful 4-year-old filly, give us a call.

The beautiful Miss Noble Rose.

The beautiful Miss Noble Rose.

The yearlings are growing like weeds and think they are pretty special.  We haven’t told them about the new yearling barn that is almost finished behind us, on Wilshire Farm, that they will be moving into when it’s finished.  Once they are moved into their new digs, they won’t just think they are special, but they will know it because of their new accommodations.

That brings me back to the topic of Team Rosecrest / Wilshire.  I’ll save that for next time.  I know I’ve been saying that, but it’s such special land with a great history that I keep procrastinating….sorry!