The Preakness is over and it was a good win for Early Voting, a son of Gun Runner.  His trainer’s decision not to run him in the Kentucky Derby proved to be a good one.  Speaking of the Kentucky Derby…..WOW!  What a race, Rich Strike with Sonny Leon aboard had the trip of a lifetime.  Just think of it, Owner, Rick Dawson claims Rich Strike for $30,000 on September 17, 2021.  With 21 points Rich Strike is on the also eligible list and the day before the Kentucky Derby he finds out because of a withdrawal they can run.  It was the first time in the Kentucky Derby for any of the connections and they win!!  That win, and the win by Briland Farm’s homebred Secret Oath in the Kentucky Oaks, keeps the dream alive for all the smaller operations in this business.

So let me get to our babies!!!  You’ve read about the first five,  and those of you who have been to the farm have seen some or all of the others.  April 9th Hit The Limit decided that three weeks over her due date was long enough.  She started nesting at 10:25PM, and 30 minutes later she delivered a nice colt by Goldencents that weighed in at 120 pounds.  He was a little slow to stand up but he was very good at scootching around the stall.  Three days later, Mo Buckets, who was only two weeks past her due date, delivered another Goldencents colt.  This guy wasted no time scootching, he just pushed up on his own legs and went to mom and nursed. 

Pistol Packin Rose '22 Standing
Long legged Pistol Packin Rose ’22

Then a week later, Pistol Packin Rose decided to stay mostly on schedule and delivered one day past her due date.  Chuck had fed the mares in the barn early that morning, Pistol nibbled at her breakfast and at 7:15AM her water broke.  We were glad it was at the beginning of the day when everyone was fresh and rested, because unlike the year before it was not an easy delivery.  First, the foal was upside down.  So after a lot of walking her, they got the foal in the right position but she would not lay down, which is the best position to deliver for the mom, baby, and human helpers.  She finally delivered a very long legged filly by Higher Power.  As you can see, her coloring is just like mama: dark bay with no markings.  Come to think about it, she looks just like her half-sister by Sky Mesa born the year before.


Mysteriously with her Goldencents colt.

The following week, Mysteriously once again delivered in the afternoon.  She lives up to her name by trying to keep her foaling a mystery.   Thank goodness we are mystery solvers here at Rosecrest, as it wasn’t a mystery for long because Chuck had spotted her in the field and gave Teresa a call at the office to come help because the guys were busy in other places on the farm.  Teresa is our office manager who has been at the farm for a number a years and is always willing to help wherever needed. However, this was the first time she was needed as a foaling attendant.  We got her into her stall and within 7 minutes she delivered a Goldencents colt that weighed 128 pounds.  

By this time it is now the last weekend in April, and if you have ever visited during that time you know it is very exciting.  Not only is Keeneland coming to an end, but The Land Rover Kentucky Three Day event is held at The Kentucky Horse Park.  It is a multi-day competition that features the world’s best horses and riders, it is one of only seven annual Five-Star Three-Day Events in the world and brings spectators from all over.  The B&B books early for this event, usually a year in advance with the same guests year after year.  You might be wondering why I’m telling you this, and it’s to let you know how we’ve gotten to know sisters, Kim & Nina, who are farm girls from Rhode Island.  Every year they come in for this three day event along with the hope that one of our mares will decide it’s time to have their baby.  Well, this year Kim and Nina lived their dream and were great helping hands for us when the next two mares decided to foal minutes apart.  We were watching First Shift, who was seven days past her due date (which for her was late) and Madaket Sunset, who was only four days past her due date, but being a maiden you have no idea when they will deliver and if they will give you any warning.  The one thing she had been practicing was her moaning.  Every night when she would lay down and sleep, she would moan like she was having contractions.  She would even lay with her legs stretched straight out.  That evening, as Madaket Sunset started to nest, so did First Shift.  I called Kim and Nina to take them up on their previous offers to help.  Both mares were showing signs that they were getting close.  Sunset’s water broke at 10:17PM  and she delivered a small but OH….SO….CUTE colt by Goldencents at 10:30PM.  First Shift’s water broke at 10:30PM and she delivered a big filly by Global Campaign by 10:45PM.  Needless to say, Kim and Nina were over the moon to be there to help and we were glad to have the helping hands. 

Three days later, Bellezza Rosso ate her dinner at 6:00 pm and took a nap.  She woke up or maybe her colt by War of Will woke her up,  and said it’s time to stretch these legs, because it was like one moment she’s sleeping, and the next her eyes were open and her water broke and five minutes later she delivered a nice colt who was up on those legs within 45 minutes.  He actually looked like he was already 2 weeks old when born.  What a great way to end our foaling season!!