The starting 5 are on the ground and the 7 players yet to arrive will be produced by the mares watching at left. Mares will, as we all know, produce the added players when they are darn well ready!

We’ve had five babies so far and the mares have been very considerate with their foaling times, unusual but very nice that they all delivered before midnight.

At Point Guard = Flame Mingo ’22

Goldencents filly out of Flame Mingo
Goldencents filly out of Flame Mingo

Flame Mingo was the first to foal on March 12th only 7 days past her due date.  She started nesting just after dinner. She ate all of her dinner which made us think she wasn’t really thinking about having her baby too soon.  But her water broke at 9:40 p.m. and within 10 minutes she had a cute Goldencents filly.  The filly has a beautiful wide blaze as you can see and was up within the hour.  It was a really cold night so she was glad when we turned the big heater on so she could get nice and toasty.  We’ve nicknamed her Flamingo. 

Power Forward Position = Caradini ’22

Thoroughbred mare with foal at Rosecrest Farm in Paris, KY
Candy Ride filly out of Caradini

The next night Caradini decided it was time to have her baby.  She was only two days past her due date which was typical for her.  After coming in about 4:00 p.m. she unlike Flame Mingo, did not eat her dinner.  She nibbled on a little hay and was quite agitated. Her water broke at 8:54 p.m. and 13 minutes later delivered a filly by Candy Ride.  We may have to nickname her Candy legs, since she is all legs and bouncing around like she’s got a sugar buzz.  When it comes to mothering Caradini is one of the best mamas.  When it was time for the filly to nurse Caradini helped her baby by getting her in the best position and then was so patient moving her own position as the baby stumbled around.

Shooting Guard = Shane’s Girlfriend ’22

Authentic colt out of Shane’s Girlfriend – A bonding moment

Then the next night Shane’s Girlfriend, only one day past her due date, decided it was her turn.  She came in about 4:00 p.m. nibbled at her dinner and started showing a few signs that she was ready to deliver her baby.  Her water broke at 10:35 p.m. and in 5 minutes had a nice colt by Authentic.  This guy decided to call for room service rather than trying to stand up too soon and nurse on his own. And since his mom can be a little touchy, and that’s being kind, she didn’t mind not being bothered with him right away.  Knowing her personality we were prepared and he did get room service for his first bottle of colostrum provided by his mamma.  Later, with some gentle persuasion, Shane allowed the colt to nurse on his own and continued to bond with her baby. 

Small Forward = Dance America ’22

A week later, after some much needed rest for Chuck and I, Dance America decided it was her turn.  She turned down dinner and by 7:45 p.m. her water broke and by 8:00 p.m. she delivered a Goldencents colt.  She was exhausted and sweetly laid with her colt nuzzling and bonding for a while before she got up.

Goldencents colt out of Dance America – Nuzzles from mom

Once she was up he was working on maneuvering his legs so that he could stand up too. He mastered the standing technique and was up and nursing on his own in a short time.

Center = Sweet Halory ’22

Sweet Halory was next and typically she has foaled one day after her due date.  This year however, she decided to make us wait 5 more days.  From her history of having babies we knew she had to be watched like a hawk because when she decides it’s time, it’s over in about 3 minutes.  Luckily she showed enough signs that we were ready for her when she delivered a bay filly by Vekoma.  This filly was up in 30 minutes and nursing on her own in another 30 minutes.

Vekoma fillly out of Sweet Halory standing for first time

The babies are all doing great loving the sunshine even if the temperatures are around freezing.  So, as you can see March Madness has lived up to its name at Rosecrest Farm.

We have two more that should have delivered by now but they must be waiting for some warmer weather.