It’s Sunday morning and while enjoying a cup of Lil’s coffee, I’m looking out on a sundrenched field where Sassy Rose and Varlabena are taking a much needed nap.  Tough morning for them, they woke up to a beautiful sunrise, cool temperature and grazed a little… make that a lot… then ran over to get a better look at the three youngest foals chasing each other playing tag.  That was it, down they went for their midmorning nap, not exhausted but living the life of a retired race horse at Rosecrest Farm.

We watched the historic Belmont Race yesterday cheering for the horses as they charged down the stretch with empty stands, two weeks later than normal and…WOW…the first leg of the Triple Crown.  These are CRAZY times.  The owners, Sackatoga Stables and trainer Barclay Tagg win the Belmont. They were thereat Belmont Park 17 years ago hoping to win the third leg of the crown with Funny Cide.  Unfortunately, Funny Cide did not win the Triple Crown, but his story is one for the ages. 

When Chuck and I purchased our farm, it was the beginning of my education of the Thoroughbred world.  Chuck had the business plan and background for this new chapter in our lives and I knew a horse had four legs… but I was going to design the racing silks for Rosecrest Farm.  Back to my education, one of the first books I read was the story of Funny Cide.  It was not only a great read but gave me a glimpse of the Thoroughbred business from many different aspects….breeding, sales, trainers and racing.  Several years ago when Barclay Tagg came to my restaurant, Lil’s, as a guest with Charles Fipke, I was very excited to meet him.  So, good luck to Tiz The Law and his team!

Hit The Limit Mama and baby taking a needed rest.

Back to what I should have written 30 days ago – the last two babies to be born this year at Rosecrest Farm.  On May 3rd at 4:30am, Hit The Limit decided it was time to deliver her baby. She was one week past her due date and seemed to be tired of carrying this active baby around, so at 4:45am her water broke and 10 minutes later she had delivered a big colt by Goldencents that weighed in at 130 lbs.  Mama and baby rested a little while after delivery. She was tired and he was getting a look at his new surroundings and I think was wondering how to maneuver his four long legs.  He started out scooting around the stall, then standing on his wobbly legs.  After taking a few nose dives, he finally got his legs under control.  To look at him an hour later you would have thought he was a week old! He was so strong it was several hours before he needed to lay down and rest.

So now we had one mare left, Ivanka. Her projected due date was May 5th and her history was to be about 10 days late.  If you’ve been to the farm and spent any time around Ivanka you might remember that she is not a happy mama the last trimester of her pregnancy.  It’s hard to get a picture of her happy with her ears up, she normally pins her ears back and gives you that look that says “you looking at me?!?”. 

Mucho Macho Chick enjoying breakfast in bed

So, we were thinking we had about a week till our next and last foal when Ivanka tried to make it two foalings on May 3rd.  She missed it by less than an hour.  She delivered a cute 118 lb. filly by Mucho Macho Man at 12:40am May 4th.  This filly has the same coloring of mama – dark bay with no markings except for one white hoof.  But attitude – she is sweet as can be!  Not at all like mama,  who is now not only pinning her ears back when you look at her, but also if you look at her baby. 

Her owners, Tamara and Craig, were scheduled to be here for the birth like they had the year before, but with all the travel restrictions they had to postpone their original travel dates and be content to watch Ivanka and filly on the stall’s camera.

Tamara, Craig, Chick and a disapproving Ivanka!

It was another 40 days before they got to see mom and baby in person.  Knowing they were going to race this filly they had already reserved the name Mucho Macho Chick. I love it!!  So, this pretty filly is known as “Chick” around here.  And as you can see, proud owners with big smiles for mom and baby. But Ivanka is still pinning her ears back when she’s decided you’ve looked at her baby long enough.  lol

All mares are doing great and the babies are growing up nicely.  One day, as I was strolling around the farm admiring all the horses I caught this video of  First Shift’ 20 rolling around after taking a nap.

It’s quieter than normal around here but picking up a little and the retirees are happy that they are finally getting more visitors with treats lately.  I am equally as happy that there are less travel restrictions and guests are able to visit us again at the bed and breakfast.  I hope this blog finds you all safe and booking your next visit to Rosecrest Farm.  I’m excited to give tours in my new touring vehicle.