Monday was a crazy but fun day at Lil’s.  Amy Hess was there filming a program for the show The Local Traveler.  The program will show how two local businesses, Lil’s and CaffeMarco, share a love for Downtown Paris and a hot cup of great coffee.

I’m not an actress so having someone interview me made me nervous, but Amy was so professional that she helped put me at ease.  She does a great job.  Once I started talking about Lil (my mom who the shop is named after), my menu, the locals who come in on a regular basis and out-of-towners who come in to visit and leave feeling like family…she couldn’t stop me.

Speaking of our menu, Lil’s Coffee House is known for our homemade soups, quiche and pies.  I have found the people in Kentucky LOVE their pies.  The favorite pies seem to be chocolate, coconut cream, cherry and apple.  But we seem to empty the pie pans no matter what that day’s pie might be. Our signature cookie is a Potato Chip Cookie and most agree, “You can’t eat just one”.  🙂

And right now I need to go to the kitchen and start planning our Valentines goodies.  Back by popular demand will be chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered bacon.