Last Tuesday and Wednesday, Rosecrest Farm had its own version of March Madness going on, as we had three foals in two days and actually TWO foals in twenty minutes!

Alydarla and her Curlin filly born St. Patrick's Day.

Alydarla and her Curlin filly born St. Patrick’s Day.

But first I’ll tell you about our pretty little St. Patrick’s Day baby….  Alydarla foaled a nice chestnut Curlin filly at 1:10 AM on March 17. She weighed in at 118 pounds.  This young lady will soon have an aunt or uncle arriving at Rosecrest Farm, as Mamboalot (dam of Alydarla) is at our farm and due to foal soon.

Alydarla is one of four winners from four starters for Mamboalot.  Alydarla won a maiden special weight at 2 at Saratoga (another one of those things breeders love to have their babies go on to do) and was three times stakes-placed at age 3, including the Grade 3 Cicada S.

The next day is when things really got crazy.  I get home about 5:15 after a long day at Lil’s and see Chuck’s vehicle still at the foaling barn.  That means it’s been an even longer day for him, sooooo I go up to see what’s happening.

He said it looks like Silimiss is thinking about foaling, so he needs to stay with her.  So I go to the house, pour myself a glass of wine and decide to take it with me to the barn to sit with Chuck while he waits for a new foal.

Chuck has checked all the girls and Silimiss was the only one showing any signs of foaling.  Our nightwatchman Fabio came in about 5:45 and joins the waiting game.  She shows more signs that she is close and so Eric is called.

Meanwhile, we hear the sound of a mare’s water breaking two stalls down!!!

Malibu Gem and her Artie Schiller filly.

Malibu Gem and her Artie Schiller filly.

I should take a minute to tell you that some mares are very tricky, or private, and literally wait till you are not looking at them to attempt foaling without anyone watching.  (Can’t say as I really blame them for wanting a little privacy, but that’s sure not our preference — for their safety and all.)

Remember I said a couple of weeks ago (when writing about Our Unbridled Gem delivering her first foal… click here if you need to refresh your memory)  that Malibu Gem was another story waiting?

Yep….that’s who waited literally until our backs were turned!  At 6:10 Malibu Gem’s water broke (getting our attention and thwarting her plans), at 6:20 she foaled a bay filly by Artie Schiller weighing 110 pounds, and Eric arrived.

Silimiss and her Lonhro colt

Silimiss and her Lonhro colt

He wanted to know why none of us were at Silimiss’ stall….and he soon saw why!  So he took over at Silimiss’ stall, where her water broke at 6:30 and ten minutes later, she foaled a bay colt by Lonhro weighing in at 106 pounds!

And that’s how we had two foals in twenty minutes….whew!!!