imageTime continues to fly by.  Even though we are done foaling, we are still breeding the mares for 2016 foals.  So we still see Cory (our reproductive vet) almost every morning.  He’s pictured at right, checking Rose Dela Troienne to know what day she will be making a visit to Overanalyze at Winstar.  Good news this week is that Don’t Tell Lou, Magical Broad, My Elusive Dream, Deep South and Malibu Gem are all pregnant.

Our Unbridled Gem

Our Unbridled Gem and her fast growing-up Uncle Mo filly pictured this week.

The Bed & Breakfast has been crazy busy with many new faces, but also familiar faces returning to Rosecrest Farm.  Jim and Beth came back for a five day visit.  They were here two years ago when they stayed while attending the Derby. We reminisced about Goldencents’ racing career and how he’s now standing at Spendthrift Farm.  They were also excited to see the mares again with new foals at their sides.

Then there was Goodtime Wilson to visit and catch up with. The last time they saw him, Wilson was just beginning his race career at two.  Unfortunately last fall racing at Keeneland he broke his leg.  After surgery and a very long rehab he is 100% again and I need to find him a new career.  Wilson, if you have not met him, is a very special beautiful 4-year-old gelding with a great disposition.image

Uncle Mo - Our Unbridled Gem filly.

For reference, the Uncle Mo – Our Unbridled Gem filly two and a half months ago

Talking about our retired racehorses, Lord Darby just competed in May Daze at the Kentucky Horse Park last weekend.  It was Darby’s third show at Preliminary Level and his trainer Allie Knowles says he is continuing to improve in all areas.

The first competition is his least favorite — Dressage …that may be because he has to do what Allie asks of him.  Stadium Jumping was next, which he likes better, but unfortunately at May Daze he did not want to jump over what he thought was a Zebra.  Allie felt his hesitation but made him go over anyway, and he clipped a rail.


Foals are curious enough to check out humans now!

Last but not least was Cross-Country.  He loves Cross-Country.  Darby had a double clean run and Allie was really happy with the fast pace he kept on the whole course.  He was breathing hard, but he had a smile on his face.

Meanwhile, back on the farm all the babies are growing and learning that that they don’t have to stay quite so close to Mom.  They have a game of tag that I cannot quite figure out the rules for — but they have great fun with it.  Often one is the instigator, and keeps encouraging the others for just one more romp.

They are soooooo much fun at this age… I now know where the term “horse play” came from!!!