It’s 2023 and for the moment we have no babies on the farm.  As you know, January 1st is the official birthday for all Thoroughbreds, so the youngest horses on the farm are yearlings and the oldest is Tinner’s Storm at 23.  Tinner is looking great, even his feet which have been an issue for him since he joined our family in 2005. Speaking of feet….if you haven’t been here lately you haven’t seen our custom made ink pens that are made with acrylics and horse hooves.  (Tinner is the top seller and we just received a new shipment of Tinner pens). 

Custom Made Ink Pens with pieces of Tinner’s hooves – Call the office to order

No Foals Yet…

So let’s talk babies, our first is due January 22nd, and yes if you remember from my last post this mare was not on the list.  Free Forty Nine was just purchased last week by our client, Glenn.  She is a maiden (which means this is her first foal), so, we’re hoping she will be a good mama.  You might be wondering what makes a good mama?  Well, to start with, the mare will be patient with the process of us checking, multiple times daily, for all the different signs that tells us her body is transitioning to prepare for foaling.  Next we hope she lets us assist with her delivery if needed, and then becomes a loving attentive mama.  The main issue is the new sensation when her foal nurses for the first time. 

Free Ninety Nine checking out her new home.

Racing Updates

Here’s an update on some of the horses who were born at the farm and are now at the track.  Miss Lizzy, by Classic Empire out of Caradini,  has had two starts and finished 2nd both times.  She’s looking good and will probably stretch out a little longer next race.  Ami Please, by Goldencents out of Bellezza Rosso, has had 5 starts, on the board 3 times and twice stakes placed all this as a two year old.  Can’t wait to see what she does as a three year old.  Zed, by Arrogate out of Shane’s Girlfriend, had three starts as a two year old with 2nd twice.  He then came home to the farm, with a bruised cannon bone, needing rest and some R&R.  Chuck took him back to the track this week so he can resume training.  We wish Glenn Sorgenstein WC Racing, Inc. and Wonderland Racing the best of luck with him! 

Roses N Gold, our homebred by Goldencents out of Rose dela Troienne, started her career in California but returned to Kentucky once Doug O’Neill started keeping a string of race horses at Keeneland.  We were very excited to have her here so we could be at the race when she broke her maiden.  We were anticipating her next race at Churchill with Tyler Gaffalione in the saddle when, unfortunately, three days before the race they noticed she was off a bit.  After being examined by the veterinarian she was sent home to the farm with a tendon issue.  She will be here at the farm until her tendon heals.  That’s racing.

Two Year Olds in Training

Some yearlings were sold and others were sent to Florida to start their training for the track.  If you remember we put the word out that we wanted to syndicate our filly, Pistol Packin Rose ’21.  Well, we did it!!  We are so excited for this partnership with Lisa, Kelli, Melody, and Peggy!!   The filly is now named Skylarose and she is enjoying the warm Florida weather according the report from Melody and Peggy who stopped in for quick visit while they were vacationing nearby. 


Sweet Halory ’21, our homebred is training here at the farm.  Conner is telling us she is a quick learner, he tells her what to do and she does it that day and remembers it the next day.  She is the one that would catch your eye in the pasture because of her beautiful color and markings, kinda looks like beach girl.  Now that we’ve decided to race her our next challenge is to name her and once again looking for a partner.  

Sweet Halory ’21 having a lesson in the round pen.

Thanks for indulging my ramblings, I could go on and on as you know if you’ve been a guest here.  I’ll update you next time after we’ve had a baby or two.  Oh, one last update, Champagne Bliss was sold at the Keeneland January sale so we won’t have the privilege of delivering her Bolt d’Oro baby.   

And one more update! Here’s a photo I snapped this morning of Kentucky’s changing weather today. It seemed to go perfectly with this blog of “Out with the Old, In with the New