Racing & Partnerships

The beauty and excitement of Thoroughbred racing captivated us years before we were fortunate enough to purchase our bit of Bourbon County heaven. Our luck escalated when WC Racing was the purchaser of our boy Goldencents as a 2-year-old, and they involved us in the exhilarating three years of his career that culminated in Goldencents’ retiring to stud at nearby Spendthrift Farm in 2014 with earnings of over $3 million.

We thoroughly enjoy the chance to share the excitement with the scores of visitors we host at our B&B each year. Guests “connect” with babies and yearlings when they visit, and our Racing Gallery, Facebook page and Lyra’s Blog were created to keep guests, friends and family up-to-date on the racing careers of the horses raised at Rosecrest Farm.

As our guests come to learn, there is nothing quite like the thrill of cheering your very own horse in a race, the magical world of watching your horse work in the early morning hours, and the way your soul is touched by the feel of a horse’s soft nose. We have the opportunity to share that from time to time with friends and guests via small (four to five member) racing partnerships, so email or call us if you’re interested. And – who knows — if a filly does well, she may even earn a stall back at Rosecrest Farm so that you have the pleasure of watching babies of your own!