It’s the beginning of June and you’ve not heard from me since the Kentucky Derby,  when I was thrilled that Mystik Dan won, I  missed telling you about his close second in the Preakness and soon I’ll be cheering for him in the Belmont!  But now let me tell you about our two race fillies.  If you read my last two blogs then yes, I know you are still waiting to hear about more foals.  I will get back to that in just a bit.   

Stephanie Murray, Doug O’Neill’s assistant trainer based here in KY, has been busy getting both girls ready for the races.  Skylarose and Gidget Rose Lee both  earned their gate cards & were ready for their first race.  Finding the right race is not always an easy task.  From their training and pedigrees the trainer starts forming a good idea of what kind of race would be best for each girl. 

Skylarose on the outside Gidget Rose Lee on the inside

Gidget Rose Lee looks like a sprinter, short distance (5-furlongs) and doesn’t seem to grab the dirt track as well so looking to run her on the turf.  We don’t want to take a chance of losing them so maiden claiming races are out.  Stephanie, not finding a short, turf, maiden special weight (MSW) decided to go 1 mile on the turf in Indiana.  When they pull the entries for the race it is only going to be a 10 horse field, Gidget gets the #11 post, so for her to get in one horse must scratch.  And remember she’s stabled at Keeneland so if she gets in she’ll have to be trailered in that morning.  So it’s a waiting game….will she run or will she not. 

Gidget Rose Lee waiting for her turn

Then there’s Skylarose, Stephanie’s choice for her would be a 6 or 7 furlong race on the dirt.  She trains well and will probably end up doing best in a longer race maybe a mile or more.  The only race she can find for her is 5 ½ furlong MSW on the dirt in Indiana on May, 30.  When the track selects the entries for that race on May 24, she gets in and we opt to run her even though we think she’ll do better going longer.

Gidget still isn’t in her race and Stephanie is told they might write a short MSW on the turf for May, 30th.  We get excited about getting the perfect start for her but unfortunately they did not add it.  So still waiting to see if she gets in on the May 27th.  They might add the short one again for June, 4th.   On Sunday May 26th the weather is rainy in Indianapolis & rain is predicted for Monday which means they might take the race off the turf and run it on dirt which means even if a horse scratches to let her in Stephanie will scratch her.  So late on Sunday Stephanie decides the odds were against the race going on the turf so she doesn’t ship her to Indianapolis and she scratches.  As luck would have it the rains stops Monday morning and the race stays on the turf.  So once again for Gidget we wait. 

Early on May 30th Skylarose vans to Indiana to run her race.  Unfortunately, I was in Florida and Chuck could not get away from the farm so we didn’t get to go to Indiana.  But, our partners were all there at the track to cheer her on.  Skylarose can be a little unruly so when they brought her out for her race everyone was extremely happy when she behaved herself.  She was calm and seemed to have her game face on.  While in the paddock she did sneak a peek to the partners when they shouted encouraging words to her. 

Skylarose in the paddock

When the gates opened she popped out, got bumped from each side, got caught in traffic getting a lot of dirt kicked in her face but once she had room to run she dug in and closed to take 4th.  As trainers like to say “she learned a lot in her first race”.  We were happy to see her never give up but stayed competitive. 

When I asked Stephanie her take on the race she replied “She behaved perfectly!  She is dragging us around the barn now trying to cool her out- she’s drinking a good amount of water but not physically tired at all.  She got such a great experience from that race.  I’m very proud of her.”  So hopefully she’ll take that experience to her next race and get a longer one.

Gidget did get in a race on June 6th, again it’s longer than wanted but can’t wait to cheer Go Gidget Go!!!!


On April 6th Caradini started our day at 1:00 AM.  It didn’t take her long to deliver a filly by Idol.  She weighed in at 133 lbs and was eager to get up and shortly was jumping around her stall, we nicknamed her OC for over achiever.   

Caradini ’24

Since both mama and daughter were doing good, Chuck and I left them in the good hands of Amy and went back to bed about 2:30 AM .  Just got to sleep when Dance America decided it was her time so at 3:30 we were back at the barn to see her deliver a Goldencents colt with very long legs.  It took him a little longer to get his long legs coordinated and maneuver them to a standing position.  He was wobbly but up. 

Some of our guests book their stays with us hoping to see a newborn.  It was Lisa’s lucky night, finally after staying with us multiple time over the past 4 years and always hoping to see a live birth she didn’t just get to see just one but two on the same night.  We aren’t sure who was happier…. The colt snuggling in the straw or Lisa who was getting a hands on experience toweling him off.    

We thought having two in one day was good but we ended up having 3 born on the 6th.  Mysteriously went outside for the day and just after lunch decided it was her turn.  We are starting to see a pattern with her because the last couple years she likes to deliver when she is outside and around lunch time.  It’s almost like she watches and when she thinks everyone is at lunch and won’t get in her way she delivers her foals.  Luckily, Chuck is on to her and is watching from afar so he’s there to make sure all goes well.   And as usual  she needed very little help to deliver her Goldencents filly who was quick to get up and nurse on her own. 

Mysteriously ’24 filly licking her lips after a little snack.

I still have a few more babies to tell you about but I’m going to save those for my next blog.  If you can’t wait then book a stay at the B&B and come meet them in person.  We would love to have you for a visit!