I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful Sunday like we did  here at Rosecrest.  After my last blog when I mentioned adding Sweet Halory to your Virtual Stable, I was informed by many that they would love to but had no idea what a virtual stable is — much less how to add horses to it.

I realize this blog for some will be like reading Virtual Stable for Dummies but guess what — there are many who had never heard of having a Virtual Stable, so please read on and enjoy knowing you know something someone else does not. Plus there are some fun photos and video to follow.

First, let me share a training video of Sweet Halory. (Remember, we posted pictures of her leaving for California in our last blog?)  This is her second work since arriving there.   She is on the outside and a colt by the name of Thoughthatcounts is on the inside, August 5, 2015.  Take note that she is running “in hand”, which means the jockey does not ask her to do anything, just letting her run instinctively.  <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/08UAWkn7GTk” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

And, yes, we are so very proud of her.  And, yes, we are loving the great communication from Team O’Neill!

So, back to Virtual Stables … This will allow you to keep track of horses at the track (ANY track).  Once set up your Virtual Stable, you will receive an email that tells you when a horse in your Stable has a timed workout, when they are entered in a race and then the results of that race.

Go to www.equibase.com and once there across the top click on HORSEMEN.  Then under Products and Services click on VIRTUAL STABLE.  Towards the bottom of the page click on “I need to register for Virtual Stable”.  Fill in the information and submit the registration.  You can uncheck the boxes that will send you inside track information and products and services.  Now you can add horses.

To add a horse type in the name of the horse, it will bring up the horse and now click the box under Add.  Now click on save.  You can also add comments such as Rosecrest Farm filly or whatever reminds you why you put that horse into your stable.

Great job, you now have your very own stable to manage …but be glad you don’t have to feed any of them!  I hope this was helpful.  And if you are wondering, Rosecrest Farm has two to watch, Sweet Halory and Miss Noble Rose.

imageAnother reason this weekend was so special is that we had the owner of some of our horses here at the B&B for four nights.  Here is a photo of him taken by Jackie J., with one of his babies foaled this spring.

This baby is a nice sized colt by Warrior’s Reward — the one who arrived at the end of the day we had a record 17 inches of snow.  Remember this blog post  ???

The colt looks a little small next to his 6′ 4″ tall (and maybe more) owner.    Take our word for it, he’s not!  But what a great moment is captured in this photo, and what great times we all had, so stay tuned for more photos later this week.