The summer is gone…it’s still hot and feels like summer but it’s Labor Day.  The foals are growing and learning how to play with each other, known as “horse play”.  Some of them are already at the advanced level.  Some of the older babies have been weaned, and are enjoying freedom and not having to share the feed pan with mama.   You might be wondering how the mares feel about this change, well if I’m reading them correctly they’re asking why did we wait so long. They also like not having little noses in their feed pans.

A New Look

Our summer guests have really liked our two new retail items.  We have a new logo on our baseball caps and the new writing pens not with hooves but with Tinner’s hair.  We sold out of the first shipment of pens but have more coming.

The new logo

Racing News

Miss Lizzy (Classic Empire out of Caradini) started her racing career in Kentucky coming in 2nd twice then just missing the board in her next two starts.  Glenn decided maybe a change would help, so off to California she went, she was ran in a MSW (Maiden Special Weight) at Santa Anita and won.  The warm weather must agree with her since she has been on the board 3 of 5 starts.

Miss Lizzy in the winner’s circle at Santa Anita

Our guests have been enjoying the race horses that are using the farm as a rehabilitation facility.  Fowler Blue got back to the track and after a few races got another win.  After being in Dubai, Ami Please and Get Back Goldie came back to the farm where they were born and raised before they were off to the races.    

B Dawk has been here for several months and loves his mints.  He had already been successful at the track and hopefully will see the winners circle again. 

Sweet Halory’21, came back to the farm after starting her training but needing more time to mature.  Her nickname since early on has been Gidget ( given to her by two frequent guests), Her coloring makes you think of a California beach girl.  Now that it was time to name her, we had to work at it but finally got our first choice “Gidget Rose Lee”.  She’ll spend a few more months at the farm before going back to the track. 

Gidget Rose Lee, not on the beach but grazing in her pasture.

Sales Prep

This time of the year, Chuck and the guys are busy with babies being weaned and the horses that are being prepped for the September and October sales.  The yearlings have a way of showing their personalities when coming into the barn, some make it a very casual stroll while others like to see how fast they can walk without breaking into a run.  Then we have Bellezza Rosso ’22 By War of Will who comes in with almost a parade high stepping action. 

Aren’t we having a GOODTIME!!

Many of you will remember Goodtime Wilson.  He was born in 2011 and was named after my very good friend Mary Louise Wilson Alverson who passed away at the age of 90 and was buried the day Wilson was born.  I love all of our horses but Wilson was one of those babies who truly stole part of my heart. Several years later when he broke his leg racing at Keeneland Chuck told the veterinarians to do whatever it takes to get him thru that injury.  Surgery, three screws and months of stall rest, Wilson did recover in spite of being a very bad patient.  Several years later we let a nice couple, that stayed with us quite often, adopt Wilson as a pleasure horse.  Long story short…Wilson is back home and as you can see they took very good care of him,  he looks great and was happy to be back with Tinner’s Storm. 

Goodtime Wilson with Tinner’s Storm and other friends trotting up to get their peppermint treats.

Now Named

More names to add to your virtual stable:

  Mysterioulsy 21 by Distorted Humor is now named Mr. Leasure

            Get Back Anne 21 by Double Irish is now named Reveille Valley

Penumbra 21 by Klimt is now named Sir Numbra, in honor of his mama who sadly passed away this summer.

New Trick

Let me leave you with Madaket Sunset ’22 and his new trick that he entertains the B&B guests with. 

Look what I can do

Thanks for reading!