Where do I start? Do I tell you who I was in Cincinnati before moving to Paris, Ky or do I start with buying the farm 10 yrs ago or 4 yrs ago when I opened the B&B or 3 1/2 yrs ago when I opened Lil’s Coffee House and started serving Lil’s Bourbon blend coffee.

It all boggles my mind, so let me start with this morning.  At 8:00 am I went to the barn to say goodbye to Sweet Halory. She is on her way to S. Carolina where she will continue her training at The Webb Carroll Training Center.  But let me back up to tell you how we came to own this beautiful filly.  November 2013 we bought her to be a pasture mate to Miss Noble Rose, our homebred filly.  My husband Chuck, picked her from the many weanlings partly because she was a good looking physical but also because of her pedigree. Her dam, Brushed Halory, was a blacktype winner and her granddam was Halory a very successful dam.  Some of you may be thinking what is a blacktype winner and what makes a successful dam – Well, that’s a story for another time.

Chuck brought this filly home with the plan to sell her as a yearling the next year.  He keeps reminding me this is a business and not just a beautiful horse farm.  Well, 8 months later she had developed into a beautiful yearling, so guess what  – I didn’t want to sell her.  Chuck reminded me that for all the reasons I wanted to keep her others would want to buy her.  So, he had her cataloged for the sale and I started thinking how we could keep her.  Well we were very lucky!!  WC Racing ( who bought a colt in 2012 that we cobred, named him Goldencents and he became a multimillionaire racehorse…another really good story) became our partners in her ownership.  So she will race in California, where they are, and when it’s time for her to retire back home to Rosecrest Farm she will come to be a broodmare.

So this morning I fed Sweet Halory a few mints, kissed her nose and said goodbye as she loaded on the van.

Good Luck Sweet Halory, we will see you at the racetrack this summer.