All American Star is a mom for the first time and she loves it.  She made us all wait a few extra weeks, but finally at 7:00 am on Thursday, she gave birth to a 110 lb colt by Take Charge Indy.  He is a dark bay with two socks on his back legs.

When you have a maiden mare you never know exactly how they will take to being a mama.  Will they love on their foal immediately or look at it and wonder, what is that.  Will they let the foal nurse or ask you to please give that thing a bottle so it will leave her alone.

Well American Star loved on her colt immediately, giving him lots of love and after a little, while the colt making no move to stand up, she backed up a little and started eating hay and just watched him lovingly.

Well, I wish I had a video going because the colt laying there whinnied really loud  (another one of those cute things foals do!) and the mare was so startled, I think all four hooves came off the ground.  It was like she knew he was there but had no idea he could make such a noise.  Well, she must have liked what he said because she began nuzzling him and shortly after he stood up on the first try and was strong enough to nurse and then stayed up investigating his new surrounds.

Mom and baby are doing great. I will get a video of him running around tomorrow. 🙂