I’m finally sitting down to write my blog and can’t believe its April. Where do I start?  Do I start with the new babies or the fillies that are now at Keeneland or the new parking lot at the B&B or the beautiful spring we’ve had with lush green pastures and the white blooms on the trees or the daffodils that always puts a smile on my face?  I’m a little behind on posting about babies since we’ve already had 5 with 8 more due in April.  That solves that question….I’ll start with the babies. 

Free Ninety Nine delivered the first foal of the year.  Once again she didn’t make us get up in the middle of the night but delivered her big boy by Game Winner at 9:20pm on Feb. 12th.  What a special colt, he weighed in at 138 pounds looking like he was already 2 weeks old so when he was up and walking around the stall by 10:00pm we weren’t surprised.  He did surprise us by the way he wanted lots of attention from not only his mom but every person that came near his stall.  He was very happy with being the only foal for two weeks getting all the attention. 

Free Ninety Nine with her colt by Game winner

Then along came the leap day baby, three days overdue Katie’s Belle decided she wanted to make sure we got every second out of the extra day of the year and had us start our morning earlier than usual by going into labor around 5:30am.  She had a bay filly by Mystic Guide. Katie’s Belle is new to the farm so we weren’t sure what to expect… but we were very happy when she showed us that she is a good mom and her baby is oh so sweet!  Her owner has nick named her Avis after her grandmother who was also a leap year baby.             

Katie’s Belle ’24 aka Avis

Then, 10 days later on March 10th  Mo Buckets decided it was time for her to end our suspense that had been building for the past 22 days and we got the call around 8:30pm that Mo Buckets water broke and it was time.  There was some drama but by 8:55pm we had her 130 pound boy by Frosted on the ground. He is dark bay now but I wonder if he will turn grey like his daddy?  This is one of those baby pictures that he’ll hate me for when he’s older but it’s not often that I see a foal with an ear that was flopped down when born. 

Mo Buckets ’24

Pure Confidence decided she wanted to be next and delivered her filly 10 days early on March 18th.   At 2:10 AM we got the call from the barn.  Pure Confidence not wanting to be out done by Mo Buckets, she too offered up a little drama.  It wasn’t text book but with the help of the veterinarians, she delivered a chestnut filly by Tapiture.  Her first few days of life were a little slow but she is now a very spunky little girl and wants her nose in anything happening in the barn.  

Pure Confidence ’24

We didn’t have to wait long for another foal, Chaybaby delivered her bay filly by Corniche the very next morning, March 19th .  Her water broke at 3:49am and she had a big girl by 3:50am.  This little lady showed off her long legs when she was up and strolling around her stall 30 minutes later.  She is so cute with what looks like a widow’s peak, it’s the first time I remember seeing this.    

Chaybaby ’24

If you’re keeping track, we are at 3 fillies and 2 colts with 8 more to go. 

Speaking of track….. let me tell you about our girls in training at the track.   

If you haven’t updated your virtual stable with Skylarose and Gidget Rose Lee you missed their first official breeze at Keeneland this past Saturday.  They weren’t asked to do anything big, “just let them have their head and run”.  It was a dejavu moment for one of Team O’Neill members because he was in California and helped send out Pistol Packin Rose and Sweet Halory for their works, the mamas of these two fillies. 

So, for the moment you’re up to date as we gear up for the opening day at Keeneland this Friday!   

Wait, there’s one more thing, the B&B has a new parking lot!  I’ve wanted a parking area for quite some time but there was the dilemma of where to put it.  I wanted it behind the garage but that area is sinking a little so Chuck vetoed that spot.  Chuck thought to put it out front and to the left of the B&B, I didn’t really care for that spot so the waiting game continued.  Then one evening as Chuck and I were taking a cocktail stroll, with Mingo, I pointed to a different area to the side of the B&B and ask what he thought of that spot.  There was almost enough room without moving the fence but Chuck got very excited because he’s never like that corner of the fence and now he had a reason to have that section reconfigured.  I’m happy, Chuck’s happy and we made it extra special by placing our Goldencents horseshoes that we’ve had in safe keeping for a long time in the corner. 

Goldencents shoes in the new parking lot