It’s 2022, and even the horses can’t believe it.  The farm rings in the new year with a big Birthday Party.  The mares, like many women, don’t like for me to remind them about being a year older but the weanlings becoming yearlings embrace the day.  And though, the day was very soggy it didn’t seem to dampen their spirits.  Tinner’s Storm is our old man on the farm turning 22.  The mares are not telling their age but I can tell you they are healthy and enjoying life. 

Those of you that have been here last year have seen a few new mares on the farm and have watched the babies grow into yearlings.  Here’s an update on each group. 

We have 16 pregnant mares.  I know there are some of you that like to try and schedule a visit when you have a good chance of seeing a new foal so here’s the projected foaling dates.  

      Mare                             In-Foal To                     Projected Date

  • Rags to Brags              American Pharoah                2/4/2022
  • Flame Mingo              Goldencents                            3/5/2022
  • Dance America          Goldencents                            3/8/2022
  • Caradini                      Candy Ride                             3/11/2022
  • Shane’s Girlfriend     Authentic                               3/13/2022
  • Sweet Halory             Vekoma                                   3/19/2022
  • Hit The Limit             Goldencents                            3/20/2022
  • Sweet August Lady   Goldencents                            3/25/2022
  • Mo Buckets                 Goldencents                            4/1/2022
  • Elusive Bae                 Hard Spun                               4/7/2022
  • Pistol Packin Rose     Higher Power                          4/19/2022
  • Perdy                           Violence                                  4/21/2022
  • Mysteriously              Goldencents                            4/23/2022
  • First Shift                    Global Campaign                    4/24/2022
  • Madaket Sunset         Goldencents                            4/27/2022
  • Bellezza Rosso            War of Will                             5/2/2022

Check your calendars and if you book by February 10, 2022 you’ll get the bonus of one night free when you book two or more nights.  (With the exception of several restricted dates)

We have seven barren mares that will be bred for the 2023 foaling season.    Getting a mare in foal is not just getting the mare to the stallion, but so much more.  Successful breeding starts with a healthy mare.  You might be thinking that’s a given but it takes good supervision to have healthy horses.  You need good grass, good nutrition and your vaccinations need to be kept up to date, and don’t forget about their feet, our farrier sees the girls every month.  And then your team must include a good veterinarian.  The veterinarian is here every day during breeding season checking on the mares months before their breeding dates.  And the whole team agrees with me that the mares have to be happy. The mares here, are loved on not only by me but all the guests that visit. They are constantly being told how beautiful they are and a few mints make them really happy.

So, currently we have no babies on the farm but 14 yearlings (all born in 2021) or as I refer to them as teenagers because that’s their mental attitude.  They spend their days eating, sleeping, playing and running in large pastures.  Here’s a photo of them anxiously waiting for the evening meal being brought out to them.

The yearlings say it’s time to eat.

We also have four racehorses taking a break from the track.  They are enjoying a chance to spend time outside grazing, sleeping, running, and yes even kicking up their heels. 

Many of you watched the babies of 2020 grow from foals to yearlings. Well, they are now 2 year olds and learning to be racehorses. 

Rose Dela Troienne ’20 learning to be a racehorse

Most of them are in Florida training with Jimbo and Tori Gladwell.  Recently trainer Doug O’Neill was in Florida and gave his appraisal of each horse and here it is.  I think you’ll enjoy his remarks. Here are Doug’s comments after seeing the 2 year olds….

“-Dance America Colt…..he’s a tall, growths Colt. He looks like he has a lot of filling in to do. He looks, to me, like a two turn type. Nice colt.

-Hit The Limit by Goldencents Colt……..very well balanced, nice footed colt. One of my favorites of your babies. He should preview well and sell well……..if not, I want to buy into him.

-Sweet Halory by Goldencents Colt………..average sized, well balanced colt. Nice, healthy feet. Huge nostrils (Leandro’s favorite trait). He’s another one that should preview well, breeze well, and sell well.

-First Shift by Flatter Colt…… early type looker to me. He just looks like a runner. He has the white, scar markings on his legs from the braces as an early foal, but, man that was smart to do because he’s pretty darn correct (toes out a smidge right front) now. We know his brother could run, but his confirmation made it so difficult for him not to hit himself. He should also preview well and sell well. I’d be surprised if he didn’t.

-Shane’s Girlfriend by Artogate………man, he has a look on his face like he wants to punch anyone that gets near him……….I’m half joking, but 1/2 a tad worried about him after talking with Jimbo. Jimbo is a great horseman and leans on the optimistic side, but you can tell this little colt can have his moments of being a real problem child. He talked to his barn mates (like a class clown may do) the whole time he was out of his stall and we were going over him. If he turns out to run to his pedigree, he’ll bring a lot of moments of excitement.

-Rose Dela Troienne by Goldencents Filly………..she’s a great looking filly. Super fluid, natural mover. Well balanced, nice shoulder, nice hip………one of my favorites. If she stays injury free, she has a bright future.

-Caradini by Classic Empire Filly……..average sized filly. She has a nice shoulder and hip. Well balanced in my mind. I’d love to see her breeze. Something tells me that she “expands” when they ask her for speed. She’s the one I’m most intrigued about her development………she’ll be fun to follow her progress.

-Bellezza Rosso by Goldencents Filly……….my favorite of your athletes Glenn. She’s a great mover………seems to have a great mind……and, she has huge nostrils! She’s just stamped with “I’m a runner” on her forehead to me. She has star quality at this early age………first round draft pick type of features, in my mind. “

Some of you might be wondering about Chaybaby ’20 by Arrogate, don’t worry he’s in Utah training. 

We’ll be cheering on Hot Rod Charlie as he gets ready to fly to Dubai where, according to Horse Racing Nation, he is scheduled to have one prep before competing in the rich Dubai World Cup on March 26. Get Back Goldie has also been invited to race in Dubai so keep your fingers crossed that he’ll be successful in the race chosen for him.  He has a half-brother and mama here hoping he wins! 

Last update is a sad one.  I have to share that the challenges of old age got to be too much for Darby’s Hope and we had to make the difficult decision to euthanize her on December 13, 2021.  She was the first mare to foal on our farm and she leaves a daughter and a granddaughter on the farm and several second career horses including Big Boy Billy and Lord Darby as her legacy.

Darby’s Hope and Lyra

Thanks for reading and sharing my blogs with your friends.  So on to the 2022 foaling season.