We’ve got some exciting news at the farm! Whether you have been here once or many times we thank you for choosing us as your “go-to” farm when you need a horse fix. You’ve all fed mints to Tinner’s Storm, our resident grandson of Secretariat. We’ve considered him our rock star for the last 15 years and now he has been chosen to be included in the Secretariat’s Living Legends calendar.

            Patricia McQueen, a professional photographer, has been a Secretariat fan for many years. She chose to share this passion by producing a calendar that highlights not only Secretariat but also his offspring. Sons and daughters have been her focus but now with only two sons and daughters she has started adding grandchildren.

As some of you that like to photograph horses know, they don’t always cooperate. Patricia had gotten some nice shots of Tinner but wanted to try for a few more so I was enlisted to help position him. As you might remember the way to his heart is through mints, the only problem with that was I couldn’t run fast enough while feeding him mints for the shot she wanted. So I got the feed gator and yes he would follow me anywhere. And not only him but his best friend Darby’s Hope.

At $25, this calendar would be a great gift for any horse lover and the proceeds help many horses that need a place to live out their lives. To order yours, go to www.secretariatslegacy.com. And they will mail them out. But if you’re local, I will have them for sale at the farm and at Lil’s Coffee House.

            P.S. As you’re thinking of gifts, don’t forget that Rosecrest Farm does have gift cards available for the perfect get away.