After the last three girls delivered on March 8 and 9, we were still waiting for Orientatious (who was due on March 1) and Another Moochie (who was due on March 11). Soooo, on March 20, when Chuck said at breakfast that he thought we’d have a baby today….I said, “Great! Orientatious is finally deciding to have her baby. ” He said, “No, not her, but Another Moochie.”

So, as usual, the girls have their own timetable!

Another Moochie 16

Another Moochie and her colt by Uncle Mo.

Moochie had a nice day grazing in the sun, came in to the barn at 4:00 PM, ate her dinner, relaxed in her stall and about 7:00 started pacing her stall and by 7:45 PM produced a very handsome Uncle Mo colt who weighed in at 123 lbs! Moochie, who is not real tall, produced a colt with legs almost as tall, or long, as hers.  And to have a colt, when Uncle Mo is the sire of Breeders’ Cup Juvenile winner and leading 2016 Derby contender NYQUIST from his first crop, is very, very cool.

Moochie is a very loving and attentive mom and had him nursing within 90 minutes. Since her owners are in California, they were happy with the news and pictures before dinner, and I was thrilled to be in bed by 11:00 PM. (What a treat when moms deliver so I can be in bed by 11!!!)

So still we were waiting for Orientatious to deliver our third Goldencents baby.

About 1:00 PM the next day, Orientatious started acting agitated in the pasture… like maybe there was something that weighs 118 lbs. with four long legs moving around in her belly saying “Hey! I’m so ready to get out of this small space.  It’s time for me to stretch these long legs that have been folded up for the last 349 days.  LET ME OUT!!!”

Orientatious finally pushed him out at 10:25 PM….yes, HIM…a strapping colt by Goldencents.  Orientatious was exhausted and laid there for a very long time.  He, being tired himself, thought laying there was a good idea since he had no idea how to make those long legs work.

Orientatious and her Goldencents colt both rest after the effort of foaling.

Orientatious and her Goldencents colt both rest after the effort of foaling.

It took awhile, but this beautiful colt did get his legs to work…wobbly at first, but then stronger by the minute.  His owners, Glenn and Josh, were very excited to see a video of this big boy trying to walk on these long legs….AND he was born just in time to wish Josh HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

As I write this on Easter Sunday,  I’m anxiously waiting for 7:00 PM, when Miss Noble Rose makes her career debut in a maiden special at Santa Anita….

Welllllll, THAT didn’t go so great.  [She finished seventh.] The jockey said she didn’t seem to like / get hold of the track, so maybe she would prefer running on turf.  I think the finicky girl wanted Prada’s to race in!

Oh, well.  Here’s something to cheer me up….a video of the Goldencents – Orientatious colt coming in to the barn at just four days old.  Soooooo cute.  Can you tell why we’ve dubbed him Golden Longlegs????

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